Chris Kendall RHN

Nomadic Registered Holistic Nutritionist / Raw Food Lifestyle Coach / Raw Vegan Chef / Yoga Teacher – following loving service and need

  • 15+ year Raw Vegan with over a decade of experience coaching as well as speaking, serving as head chef, and teaching yoga at the biggest and best raw food festivals in the world
  • Check out my Consultations Page’s for all of my various services and specialties
  • Contact me below to meet in person or on Skype or to set up an event

Wishing you Much
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Blessed to connect and grow together in health, happiness and fitness via by donation / structured raw food lifestyle coaching, in person or virtual workshops, holisticly focused lectures, food demos, raw vegan catered events, as well as with all levels of yoga and skateboard lessons / classes and fruity fun!

Feel free to contact me here for all consult requests, event queries, collaboration opportunities, and general questions. It is always my aim to get back to you asap, excited to hear from you!

Wishing you Much 
PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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