Are Vacuum Blenders Worth It with John Kohler of

Diving deep into the subject of Vacuum Blenders with the man the myth the legend John Kohler.

We go into what are vacuum blenders, what are the advantages and drawbacks, what’s available on the market, do you need one and much much more!

I really hope you enjoy the video!


I hope you really enjoy this post all about vacuum blenders and from it feel like you have a better idea for yourself if they are worth it or not.

One of the main things I wanted to present in this video is that getting a vacuum blender, or even a quality blender like the Vitamix, need not be a concern or stress, but rather to raise awareness on the advantages of vacuum blending. If it’s in your budget and you are looking for a way to take your nutrition to the next level, just as John said

  1. Look to increase the quality of the food you are eating by growing your own, getting organic and from farmers markets as much as possible, and then
  2. looking into getting a vacuum blender like the Flexzion above or any that suits your needs the most!

Watch out for my next video…

I bought a Flexzion myself and am doing a Flexzion Vs Vitamix video comparing different smoothies and recipes!

Learn a Ton more about John and check out his thousands of videos all about taking your health and lifestyle to the next level at – many ways to grow your own food! – everything raw food! – the best equipment for less! – Tons of equipment comparisons and more!

Check out John’s Favourite Low Cost / Good Quality Vacuum Blender available today on Amazon for around $99!

The Flexzion!

We had a lot of links in this video, enjoy them all!

1:00 Past interviews with John Kohler for

Top Tips for Growing Your Own Greens!

John Kohler on Whole Foods and The Woodstock Fruit Festival

5:30 Unlimited Green Juice for Free Video 

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9:30 True Hunger with John Kohler

12:24 Major Benefits with Vacuum Blending

15:02 20$ Nutribullet Hack to Convert to Vacuum

15:44 Vitamix Vacuum Blender Mod 

17:00 Check out John’s Favourite Low Cost / Good Quality Vacuum Blender available today on Amazon for around $99!

The Flexzion!

18:00 Johns Shop for Vacuum Blenders and accessories! 

19:00 Johns Shop for the Made Ready Vacuum Craft That Fits on the Vitamix Blender Base

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Watch out for my next video..

Update, I bought a Flexzion vacuum blender myself and am doing a Flexzion vs Vitamix video comparing different smoothies and recipes in each blender!

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