Woodstock Fruit Festival Hawaii Part 2

You saw part one, now it’s time for part two of the amazing Woodstock Fruit Festival Hawaii!!

Remember how I was off to go skydiving at the end of part one?  Well…. I did it!!  Peep the video for the outcome of that adventure, as well as TONS of sweet music, great food, some behind the scenes food prep – any idea what it takes to feed 260?  Let’s just say it’s a LOT of fruit 🙂

Join us at the Sweden Fruit Festival
Join us at the Denmark Fruit Festival http://FreshFoodFestival.com
Join me at the Pure Living Expo http://PureLivingExpo.com

Sign up now for the last Woodstock Fruit Festival, yes you read right, the Last in NY 2015 http://woodstockfruitfestival.com

Wishing you much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck


  1. Anne

    Hi Chris, nice event. where is your girlfriend? you look so good together.

    by the way thats for your recipes really helps.Cant wait to save and come for the events.

    peacelove and seasonal fruit


    • BananaCommander

      Thanks Much Anne! 🙂
      Ash couldnt make it to the hawaii event, I am sitting with her now however! 🙂
      Stoked you enjoy the recipes, hope to meet at one of the upcoming festivals or a retreat!
      Are u planning for any?
      PLSF ck


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