The Gummy Bear Fruit?!?!?!

On the Farm of Life we discover the amazing Gummy Bear Fruit, a favorite of the Toucan, with the help of our friend Rane Roatta a fellow fruit enthusiast and rare fruit expert!!  I had known of this tree for quite some time but had always been told the fruit was for the toucans.  Little did I know, it is actually quite delicious!!

Have you ever tried the gummy bear fruit?

Check out Rane on his Youtube Channel
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Wishing you much

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  1. Aly

    Hey Chris! Did you ever find out the name of the "Dr. Susse" tree that had the gummy bear fruit? I live in Maui and want to see if we have any here! Thanks!!

    • BananaCommander

      Oh my I did and I forgot, apologies! They are easy to spot though as thy are so unique!!!


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