Interview with Raw Ultra-Marathonist Grant Campbell

Ohhhh my another new interview!!!  This one is with a good friend of mine from Australia – Grant Campbell aka: The Raw Aussie Athlete  Grant is an ULTRA-MARATHONIST who not only regularly runs ultra distance marathons of up to 170km, but does them on a 100% raw food, plant-based diet.  He often holds retreats in Australia and Thailand.  Grant has been eating a 100% plant-based diet since 1999 and a raw food, plant-based diet since 2005, and has been running raw food retreats since 2007 and is a passionate and knowledgeable speaker on healthful living, nutrition and fitness!

 Be sure to check out his awesome sites – – his site with tons of info and resources –  a raw food forum and support site 

So, peep this video of us with a durian eating contest at the Woodstock Fruit Festival 2012 AND don’t forget to sign up and get $100 off 0f the yearly  Woodstock Fruit Festival  with my code “banana”
… ahah 🙂


Wishing you Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit – CK


  1. Richard Gambino

    hi chris! nice to see you again. thanks for being cool.


    • rawadv-admin

      Right back at you brother, Stoked to chill with you at WFF, to next year!! 🙂



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