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I feel really blessed to be able to share this new two part interview with you and everyone on Miss EcoGlam’s site!

Thanks Anna!!!!

Miss Eco Glam is a amazing lass from the UK who came to The Farm of Life here in Costa Rica to write a few articles for some major Magazines as well as her Awesome web site . While at the Farm of Life Anna got to experience the simple low fat raw vegan diet in action as well as learning all about its application as the science behind it. With Wilco,  Dr Sam and I all being long term low fat raw foodists as well as teachers of the simplicity of the raw lifestyle she couldn’t help but grow in knowledge and awareness. It was during this time we did our interview thanks so Much Anna!!!

Much love!!

Traveling to and promoting  Eco friendly Hotels/Resorts and writing about them are two of her many passions. It is really amazing the impact that typical resorts/travel/cleaning products/hygiene products can have on the environment, Miss Eco Glam provides the info and resources to make this whole process much clearer at times with discounts! With a fun peppy and uplifting style Anna’s passion really shines though in spreading Eco and healthy vibes all across the nation. I highly recommend checking her out!

Thousand Blessings and thanks to you Anna and all you do!!

This interview really delves deep into some misconceptions and little know facts about the raw food diet from many angles.

I really hope you love them, id recommend both parts for sure while part 2 gets more into the nitty gritty 🙂

Part 1

Part 2
Miss Eco Glam is uplifting and joyous Being hailing from the UK although she wasn’t always that way. From a early age Anna felt overrun with toxicity stemming for a large part she figures from covering her whole body in toxic lead paint at age 7. Through her childhood and teenage years Anna dealt with depression as well as chronic fatigue fuelled and compounded by poor food choices as well as recreational and Pharmaceuticals drugs. This all spawned a keen interest in improving not only her bodily environment but the environment all around her.  Filled with need she healed herself of her conditions opting to take a natural holistic approach, having healed from within she now loves to grow and spread the info that helped her so much with her struggles and journey back to optimal health.

Anna is currently writing two books, a guide to a healthy life (talking about toxins in house, products, water etc) as well as a Chronic Fatigue Guide Book. Check her out n sign up to stay informed about that as well as info on eco resorts and eco raw friendly travel destinations, I will be too 🙂

Whoa plus a bonus!!!

Chris Kendall Raw Food Feast @ The Farm of Life


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  1. Anna Rodgers

    Thanks for posting Chris! Apologies to everyone for the amount of times I said WOW! It was my first real interview!

  2. The Cool Vegetarian

    Great info thanks !! Your story is truly inspiring and a testament that eating simply fruits can work even for an athlete. Wonderful to hear about your blood work too as that shows the nay sayers that their dogma is really for the dogs !

    • Banana Commander

      Blessings Jeff,
      thanks for the time n love in watching. One person at a time we will make this world shine 🙂
      love it!!

  3. Dana

    Hey this is neat. I go to Miss eco glam’s blog everyday and I just discovered your website a few days ago and you two have already connected. I love to see and hear inspirational people. Thanks for this 🙂

    • Banana Commander

      Blessings Dana!!
      thanks for the sweetness for sure, tis a pleasure to inspire.
      Wishing you much peacelovenseasonalfruit ck

  4. Aj Chanter

    Great interview! You’re a natural on the camera! 😛

    • Banana Commander

      Blessings AJ:) Thanks much for the positive flow, much appreciated 🙂


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